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Minute Maintenance

Ecobee Thermostat

Smart Thermostats are designed to help you balance the comfort of your home and energy (and money) savings. In a minute, learn more about your Ecobee thermostat and how to use features like changing modes, temperature settings, and setting schedules. Ecobee thermostats also have an app available on smartphones to control remotely.


Caulk is used to seal and finish edges and seams in materials. There are different types of caulk. In just over a minute, learn more about each type of caulk and their uses and how to apply.

Replace Air Filters

Routinely replacing your furnace air filter is essential to ensuring that your heating and cooling systems work properly, as well as reducing energy costs and increasing your indoor air quality. In under one minute, learn how to easily replace the air filter in your furnace.

Furnace Troubleshooting

Your furnace and air conditioning are crucial to keeping a comfortable indoor temperature in your home. In under two minutes, learn how to identify error codes, check the fuse, and check for excess moisture in your system.


No one wants sewer smells in their home. The p-trap in your drains create a water barrier to prevent orders from escaping into your home. In under one minute, learn more about the p-trap and how to prevent evaporation of the water barrier.

Fence and Railing Touch-Ups

Over time, your fence and/or railings may show rust. In under one minute, learn how to easily do paint touch-ups on your fence and/or railings using Transtar spray paint.

Garage Code Update

Changing the code for the keypad of your garage door opener every few months can increase the security of your home. In under one minute, learn home to easily change the keypad code of your Genie garage door opener.

Paint Touch-ups

Knowing how to touch-up paint on the walls of your home is a valuable skill. Repaint drywall patches, touch-up scratches, and keep your home looking new. In under one minute, learn how to easily do paint touch-ups in your home.

Drywall repair

Occasionally the walls of your home may get scratched or dented. In under one minute, learn how to use drywall spackle to repair damaged drywall.

Flooring Best Practices

Beautiful and durable, harwood and laminate floors are a wonderful choice for your home. Proper care and maintenance will ensure that your floors last for years. In under one minute, learn how to clean your hardwood and laminate floors.

Keyless Entry Options

A keyless entry deadbolt allows you to easily access your home using a personalized code while providing additional security to your entry doors. In just over a minute, learn how to adjust settings, set or change key-codes, and replace the batteries in your keyless entry deabolt system.

Disposal Options

Occassionally items can get stuck or lodged in the blades of the kitchen sink disposal. In under one minute, learn how to safely unplug and manually turn the blades of your kitchen sink disposal.

Door Adjustments

If wind is whistling through your door or your door doesn’t close smoothly, you may need to adjust the door threshold. In under one minute, learn how to easily adjust the threshold of your own exterior doors.

Utility Bill Tips

Reducing the amount of water your toilet uses per flush can save you money on your utility bills. In under one minute, learn how to adjust the mechanisms in your toilet reservoir to increase or decrease the amount of water used per flush.

Reset Your GFCI

If the power outlets in your home suddenly stop working, your may need to reset your GFCI. In less than one minute, learn the purpose of a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) and how to easily reset your GFCI.

Window Cleaning

Windows occasionally need to be removed, whether for cleaning or repair. In under one minute, learn how to easily remove and reinstall your Amsco windows or similar brands.

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