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What is O.U.R. and how can you help:


Started by Tim Ballard, Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.) is on a mission to combat the plague of child sex trafficking, kidnapping, and exploitation.

We invite you to join forces with the Sego Homes team to help raise $100,000.
YOU can help fight human trafficking and exploitation.

Online Contributions: $69,080

Trade Partner Contributions: $52,079

Current Total Contributions: $121,159

Ride to freedom: O.U.R. founder, Tim Ballard, and a rescued child
Ride to freedom: O.U.R. founder, Tim Ballard, and a rescued child

Worldwide, over 2 million children have been taken and coerced into this illicit business that currently generates over $150 billion in revenue – and is growing.

O.U.R. combats this plague on all fronts, including working with local law enforcement agencies to physically rescue children by means of rescue missions and by providing long term after-care and counseling and treatment. They strategically work to prevent child trafficking through public education, awareness and detection.


To date, O.U.R. has assisted in the rescue of 4,083 survivors, the arrest of 2,296 predators, and has completed 1,227 operations in 28 states and 26 countries.

Watch this video to better understand O.U.R.’s mission:

Together, we can be a powerful influence for good.

Learn more about the courageous group of individuals at O.U.R.

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